Hours Upon Hours Upon Hours Make Days Zine

$10.00 CAD

How do your hours go? This zine hones in to answer the question. Hours Upon Hours Upon Hours Make Days attempts to capture the minuteness of hourly moments that create a day. Partly time-travel, partly fictional, the lines blur.

Hours Upon Hours Upon Hours Make Days is A2/quarto sized, 24 pages, printed on lavender paper and a peach-paper centrefold.


16:20. You glance at the time on your phone, mouth “BUH-LAZE IT” before you get up. Your eyelids are sticky but your mind feels clear, rested. You compose emails on your text editor. You apportion exclamation points. You cut and paste them on the message field. You send them. You put on an anime opening theme. You make your bed. You check your social media and log off before the headlines start to make your chest prickle with anxiety. You sweep the floor and gather a week’s worth of dog hair and food crumbs. You take out the trash, then the dog. You both stand outside for a long moment, feeling the still-thick air lay itself on your skin like a blanket.

17:08. You scroll through food delivery apps. You can’t decide what to have for dinner. You look at the totals and decide everything is too expensive. You end up frying eggs and leftover rice and opening a bottle of sardines for dinner. You stand over the kitchen sink and finally open your penpal letter. She has round, tiny handwriting. You open a can of ginger ale you’ve been saving from your burrito order. At one point you almost choke. You give your dog his dinner, which he eats in three minutes.